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a root rat trying to make its way into a houston texas home

Roof Rats or House Mice; Which Is A Bigger Problem in Houston?


Some problems are bigger than others. But bigger doesn’t always mean worse. When it comes to rats or mice, it’s difficult to pin down which can cause worse problems. The quick answer is: both are bad! You don’t want to find mice or rats in your home, no matter what time of year. ... Read More

a colony of termites swarming a woden structure along a fortworth texas home

How to Tell If Your Fort Worth Home Has Termites 


Termites are almost impossible to spot, so they can be dangerously easy to forget. But forgetting that termites exist can be an expensive and dangerous mistake. Termites cost billions of dollars in repairs around the United States every year. ... Read More

a black widow spider crawling along a san antonio texas front porch

Guide to Dodging Dangerous Spiders in San Antonio


This winter in San Antonio, make sure you’re not sharing your home with any eight-legged friends! Spiders can survive year-round inside Texas homes, but you may not realize there are spiders living in your home. They could be hiding in closets, basements, attics, and other storage spaces. ... Read More

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