5 Things You Can Do To Keep Dallas Rodents From Coming Inside  


There are many common pests that like to invade our Dallas homes. Rodents are one of the most notable pests in our area. The two types of rodents that infest properties most often are mice and rats.

a couple of rats out on an open bookshelf damaging property inside of a dallas texas home

What do Dallas Rodents Look Like?

Mice are small rodents with pointed snouts and rounded ears. These pests vary in size, depending on their species. Most mice are only about 2-4 inches in length, not including their tail. Their tails are generally the same length as their bodies, bringing their total length to about 5-8 inches. Mice are known for their small size and fast reproductive rate, which is why mouse infestations can grow so large in a small span of time.
Rats are much larger than their mouse cousins, ranging between 15 and 20 inches from nose to tail tip. These rodents are often intimidating due to their size, although they’d rather hide from you than bite you. Rats have slender heads, long scaly tails, prominent ears, and large eyes. Their fur can be a range of colors, including brown, black, tan, or gray.

Rodent Prevention Tips

When it comes to keeping rodents away from your Dallas residential property, it’s important to remember that you can implement prevention tips both within your home and around your property. 5 things you can do inside your house to make your home less attractive to rodents include:

  • Cleaning food messes and spilled drinks as soon as they happen

  • Deep cleaning your home

  • Sweeping your floors to pick up crumbs

  • Cleaning under large appliances, such as ovens and refrigerators

  • Keeping your pantries and cupboards organized and clutter-free

Here are 5 rodent prevention tips you can implement on the outside of your Dallas home:

  • Ensure outdoor grill areas are kept clean and free of food debris

  • Cover your garbage bins with tight lids and storing them away from your exterior walls

  • Replace torn window screens

  • Seal gaps in your foundation or exterior walls with caulk or steel wool

  • Install chimney caps

Despite our best efforts to defend our Dallas homes from mice and rats, rodents still sometimes find ways to invade. For more rodent prevention tips, or for services to treat an existing rodent infestation, reach out to the professionals here at It’s Bugs Or Us. We care about your pest control needs. Let our experts walk you through what our rodent treatments include and how you can keep your Dallas property pest-free all year long. 

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