Guide to Dodging Dangerous Spiders in San Antonio


This winter in San Antonio, make sure you’re not sharing your home with any eight-legged friends! Spiders can survive year-round inside Texas homes, but you may not realize there are spiders living in your home. They could be hiding in closets, basements, attics, and other storage spaces. When you go to get a box of decorations or reach around for a hidden present, you may come face-to-face with a spider. It’s a terrifying experience, but are they dangerous? Here’s what you need to know.

a black widow spider crawling along a san antonio texas front porch

Dangerous Spiders in Texas

The good news is, although there are hundreds of species of spiders, only two in the United States are dangerous. The bad news is, these both live in Texas. The only dangerous spiders you need to worry about in your San Antonio home are black widows and brown recluse spiders.
Black Widow Spiders: Black widows are often black, though they can also be various shades of dark brown. They grow up to 1 ½ inches in length. Black widows are usually easily identifiable by the red hourglass shape on their abdomen.
Brown Recluse Spiders: These spiders can be different shades of brown, or even reddish-brown or tan. They have six eyes instead of the eight that most spiders have. You’ll most likely identify them by a violin shape on their backs, which is usually dark brown.

Spider Dangers

Do you know what to do if a black widow bites you? Can brown recluse spiders kill you? How long will spider bite symptoms last? Let us assure you that spider bites are almost never fatal. For a healthy adult, a bite from either a black widow or a brown recluse is not life threatening. Symptoms of the bite may include a fever, rash, muscle pain, or fatigue. These symptoms can last for days or weeks and should be monitored by a health professional. If you are bitten by a poisonous spider, seek medical attention for treatment, as symptoms could worsen if ignored.

Prevention Tips

In order to avoid the risk of a spider bite and the fear of encountering a spider in your home, there are some prevention tips you can follow. First you want to make your home difficult for spiders to get into. Seal cracks around the exterior of your home, and make sure screens over windows and doors are free of tears or holes. Even more effective than this is to cut back on the spiders’ food sources. Spiders eat bugs. Therefore, a spider infestation is usually a sign that you have other pests living in your home. Some common pests that will attract spiders are mosquitoes, ants, and flies.
If you suspect there are dangerous spiders living in your home, It’s Bugs or Us can help. We can help you identify the spiders and then begin the best treatment plan. Our treatment plans target the spiders already living in your home and also prevent future infestations. We’ll complete an inspection to see if you have other pests in your home which might attract spiders. We can also help point out possible entry points. With It’s Bugs or Us, the solution is comprehensive and trustworthy. Don’t come face-to-face with any more spiders in your home. Let It’s Bugs or Us keep your home spider-free all year.

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