The Inside Scoop On The American Cockroach In Houston  


an american cockroach crawling across a kitchen counter top in a houston texas home on a sunny fall day

When in battle, it is vital to know your enemy because the more you know, the better you will be able to stop them. Today we will give you everything you need to know to win your war against cockroaches by evaluating the most prevalent cockroaches here in Houston, American cockroaches. Let’s get started!

The Biggest American Roach

Cockroaches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but none are nearly as big as the American cockroach. At roughly 1.5 inches long, the American roach is the biggest native species of cockroach living here in the US. (The American cockroach is a little under half the size of the world's largest cockroach. Thankfully, we don’t have these goliaths living here in the states!)

Longest Living American Roach

Some insects have a life cycle as short as 24 hours. The American roach, on the other hand, can live up to 700 days before dying of old age. Typically the average American roach takes 6-12 months to grow into adulthood, during this time they molt a total of 13 times. Once fully grown, a single female American roach is able to produce upwards of 150 offspring in their last year of life. That is a lot of kids!

Fastest American Roach

If roaches were the size of humans, it is estimated that they would be able to run 210 mph. Thankfully they are not and are only able to reach speeds of 3.4 mph. This is still extremely fast for a creature their size. If that’s not enough, the American roach can transition from running up a wall to running across a ceiling without breaking pace.

What American Roaches Like

For an American roach, nothing is more comfortable than a dark, damp, 80-degree room.  Although it is rare for the temperature to drop too much here in Texas, the few months of colder weather we get is still enough for American roaches to be pushed into our warm homes, usually into basements and crawl spaces.

How American Roaches Get Inside and How To Keep Them Out

Most commonly, American roaches invade Houston homes through sewer connections, under doors, through gaps or cracks in a home’s exterior, or through plumbing. To prevent them from getting inside, consider investing in professional pest control services courtesy of the professionals here at It’s Bugs or Us. We have the services your home needs.

For questions about our services, or to schedule a free inspection for your home, give us a call today.

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