Why Every Houston Home Needs Termite Protection


a very large colony of swarming termites damaging the wooden structures of houston homes

There are things we do in life to protect the things that matter most to us. These things could be as simple as buckling up when in a car in case of an accident, or as complex as setting in place home, health, and car insurance plans to make sure we are fully covered in case of an emergency. Yet despite these precautions, something you value may still be at risk, your home. If termites find a way to invade, you could find yourself wondering, “Was there any way I could have prevented this?” The following information will inform you about termites and help you find a solution to keep them away from your home.

Why Houston Is The Perfect Place For Termites?

If there was such a thing as a termite paradise, Houston would be it. In other parts of the country, termites go dormant during the cold winter months, but our temperatures and humidity make our wonderful city a eutopia for termite activity. There is even icing on the cake. Not only do we get no reprieve from termite activity during the winter months, we still get termite season which involves swarmers (winged termites) leaving their fully mature colonies in search of new places to call home. This means no reprieve and no time for us to let our guard down. Termites are a constant threat that requires a year-round solution. The only question is, is your home protected?

Why Termites Are Impossible To Prevent With DIY Alone

There are several things you can do to reduce your chances of having termites target your home such as reducing moisture, repairing water-damaged wood, and removing organic debris from your property. The only problem is that these prevention measures only go so far. None of the above steps fully protect your home from a termite invasion. 

Benefits of Professional Termite Treatments With IBOU

The only way you can be certain to keep termites from destroying your home without your knowledge is by having professional termite control put in place. Here at It’s Bugs Or Us®, we stand true to our name. When you invite us to treat your property for termites they have no other choice than to find a new place to call home. Don’t live without termite protection, choose It’s Bugs Or Us® today and get the treatment you deserve.

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