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A carpenter ant crawlong along a vibrant geen blade of grass as it makes its way towards a houston home

Why Houston Homeowners Trust It's Bugs Or Us® For Ant Treatment


For the uninitiated, summertime in Texas might look like one giant ant hill. In fact, ants are an almost inescapable part of living in Texas during the summer months. The warm, humid weather often makes infestations more commonplace than in other parts of the U.S. While outdoor ants are commonplace, this does not make them any less dangerous than other summertime pests. Species like the odorous house ants, carpenter ... Read More

a blood thirsty mosquito biting on a texas resident one summer day

Why You Should Call It’s Bugs Or Us® When Mosquitoes Are Biting


Have you ever felt like mosquitoes have a personal agenda against the human race, or against you personally?  Whether they have spite or not, we don't know. What we do know is that mosquitoes are out to get us, and as summer quickly approaches, they will be increasing in numbers and be becoming more and more of a threat. ... Read More

a colony of full grown adult termotes swarming on a damaged wooden structure inside of a dallas texas home

Essential Steps For Termite Prevention In Texas  


Every day, things happen under our roofs that we miss. One thing that happens under many homeowners' roofs every day is termite damage. These tiny, wood-eating pests have a way of sneaking past our defenses and causing trouble when we are not looking. If you are not careful, this could even happen to you.... Read More

a very large colony of swarming termites damaging the wooden structures of houston homes

Why Every Houston Home Needs Termite Protection


When termites find a way to invade, you could find yourself wondering, “Was there any way I could have prevented this?” The following information will inform you about termites and help you find a solution to keep them away from your home.... Read More

a group of termite swarmers in a home in houston texas

How To Prepare For Texas Termite Swarms


It's finally spring here in Texas and a lot of things are changing. Trees are regaining their leaves, the grass is looking greener than ever, and rain just won’t stop falling. Yet despite all of the noticeable changes, some smaller ones tend to go under the radar, at least until they are right in our faces.... Read More

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