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a large colony of termites swarming a wooden strucuter hidden inside of a san antonia home

4 Things San Antonio Residents Should Know About Termites


When is the last time you saw a termite? Chances are you have heard of them but have never seen one in real life. This is because they spend the majority of their time underground. Here in San Antonia, the most common species of termite we have is called the subterranean termite.... Read More

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What You Can Do To Protect Your Houston Property From Termites


You do what you can to protect your home because it’s your biggest investment. You perform general maintenance and upkeep, you make repairs when something breaks, make sure to keep your insurance up-to-date, and even style it to make it as comfortable and homey as possible. But what do you do about the silent invaders that cause damage without you even knowing about it.... Read More


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