Clear Zone Bed Bug DNA Test Kit

bed bugs DNA test kit

Its Bugs Or Us Introduces Clear Zone Bed Bug DNA Test Kit

Think You Know About Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs have been afflicting the human population for hundreds of years. Recent American studies showed that the presence of bed bugs returned to the same levels before the Second World War. That’s quite scary.

Indeed, it is. How did bed bugs do that? 

The leading cause is insecticide resistance. With time, bed bugs became more resistant to pesticides. There are, of course, other factors helping this spread. Some of the most common causes are an increase in international travel, frequent exchanges of second-hand items, scarce quality of pesticides.

Their presence is not just growing in quantity, but they are also spreading in locations that were unexplored to them. Recent bed bug infestations have been reported from hotels, motels, homes and apartment complexes, cinemas, offices, retail outlets, public transportation, commercial flights, schools, and healthcare facilities (including neonatal units!). 

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small: about the size of an apple seed. They can grow up to 5mm long, changing color from cream to brown as they mature. They like heat and humidity. 

Bed bugs tend to live in cracks and crevices in and around your bed, especially in mattress seams. They prefer to feed on humans but will also feed on other warm-blooded animals. They mainly feed at night.

Compared to mosquitos and other parasites, they have a much longer life span. Indeed, they can live more than a year without a blood meal.

Bed Bugs Effects

Bed bugs can bring serious effects. Many pathologies are deriving from one of their bites. The risk of severe infections and inflammations is the most common. But most importantly, they are capable of transmitting the agent that causes the “Chagas disease.” The Chagas disease is not a simple bite rash; it can have medium to long terms effects and can lead to heart failure. You don’t want to get that.

Signs of a bed bug infestation are visible when waking up with bites. The bites are often located on legs arms and shoulders, and they look like red, itchy spots.

Bed bugs must not be underestimated. Other than physical effects, bed bugs can bring economic devastation. 

When bed bugs are reported in a business organization, angry customers and poor reviews will drive negative brand image. In some cases, it brought media attention and the ensuing collapse of the business. The Hollister Shop in New York is an example.

But it’s not all. Litigations caused by bed bugs can be extremely costly. A simple Google search can show the results of various cases. Business owners had to settle a lawsuit by spending a significant amount of money.

Despite this, the scientific community has turned a blind eye on bed bugs. With today’s technology, no one never really developed practical solutions to this problem. 

Yet, some remedies and actions can be taken to solve this problem. ITS BUGS OR US developed a revolutionary one. 

How to get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are hard to detect during the day because they are nocturnal parasites.

Bed bug’s presence is not related to cleanliness. They can be spotted anywhere there is food, which is usually connected to human presence. Besides, it’s hard to completely prevent bed bugs as they are carried from one place to another by sticking on clothing. 

A way to detect them is to spot brownish marks or to find their old shell once they outgrow it, but it’s not an easy task.


CLEAR ZONE BED BUG DNA TEST KIT can immediately detect the presence of bed bugs on any surface. Early detection is critical to localize bed bugs and prevent them from spreading into other rooms.

This kit uses an advanced technique called Polymerase Chain Reaction or is short, PCR. 

PCR is a common laboratory technique used to make many copies (millions or billions!) of a particular region of DNA. Hence, if a single DNA specimen is picked up, it will be multiplied. The result of the test will confirm the presence of bed bugs.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Use the collection device to wipe the suspected surface;
  2. Insert the collection device inside the probe;
  3. Check the positive/negative result.

It’s that easy.

Once a bed bug infestation is detected, swift treatment is advised to help prevent the problem from spreading to different rooms or units in a building.

Female bed bugs can lay more than 200 eggs in their lifetime. Moreover, bed bugs can travel more than 100 feet on their own. They spread from room to room on clothing, luggage, and bedding.

Early detection of an infestation is the critical component of controlling it.

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