Mosquito Control

Professional Mosquito Control For Your Houston Area Home & Yard

Here in Texas, our warm climate allows for mosquitoes to stay active for extended periods of time, sometimes all year round. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy outdoor activities while being attacked by mosquitoes. Several varieties of mosquitoes exist, and many of them make Texas their home. Many of these insects carry diseases from West Nile virus to Equine Encephalitis. While male mosquitoes may buzz around and annoy you, they don’t bite. Only female mosquitoes bite in order to finish the process of developing their eggs as they need the proteins in our blood to reproduce. The trouble with mosquitoes is that there is no way to tell with the naked eye which mosquitoes are male or female nor which are disease carriers. Therefore, avoiding mosquito bites is the only way to prevent getting infected with these diseases. Luckily, we can help with that!

Our Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes are attracted to certain conditions that are commonly found on our properties, they prefer long grass, foliage to rest on, and water. We’ll provide tips to reduce these attractants around your property. In addition, we offer mosquito spraying services that can kill their eggs, larvae, and adult mosquitoes around your yard. Here at It’s Bugs Or Us®, we use proven techniques to reduce mosquitoes so you can get out and enjoy your yard all year round.

One-Time Mosquito Control Service

If you have a special event coming up and want your guests to enjoy your yard without worrying about mosquitoes, we can come to your rescue. We offer one-time mosquito treatments for special events. To set up a treatment for that backyard BBQ, outdoor wedding, graduation party, or family reunion you’re planning, contact us ahead so of your event so we can ensure it’s mosquito-free!

Year-Round Mosquito Control

If you want to be able to enjoy your yard all year long without having to worry about mosquitoes, our year-round plan may be right for you. Under our quarterly plan, we’ll conduct a backpack misting in the areas of your yard where mosquitoes commonly congregate and breed to keep the mosquito populations on your property at bay. However, regardless of which service you choose, we’ll use the same effective process.

Why Choose Us For Effective Mosquito Control?

At It’s Bugs Or Us®, our technicians are highly trained in mosquito control. When you partner with us, they will greet you and act as your partners in brainstorming pest control solutions that meet the specific needs of your property. We’ll perform an initial inspection before starting all jobs and will happily discuss options with you. If you choose to move forward and invest in our professional mosquito control services for your home and yard, we come ready to treat your property and can get started right away!

All the products we use at It’s Bugs Or Us® are non-toxic, and safe for use around children and pets. In addition, we own our own chemical product store. Because of this, we have the advantage of knowing exactly where our products are coming from and can guarantee that are the best. At It’s Bugs Or Us®, we offer a variety of services to help keep mosquitoes off your property. While no treatment can completely eliminate mosquitoes, we do our best to reduce their populations as much as possible.

Here in Texas, any time of year is the right time to think about investing in mosquito control! We guarantee our service and work to make sure you are satisfied with all aspects of our pest control process. Contact us to schedule your inspection and let us help you enjoy your Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San Antonio area yard with fewer mosquitoes!

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