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Bed bugs are an incredibly difficult pest to control! Bed bugs will show up unexpectedly, and when they do they are hard to control. They are very good at hiding in tiny cracks and crevices. And, contrary to their name, they aren’t just found in your bed.


Bed bugs can bed found in your walls, furniture, books, electronics, toys, and more!


At It’s Bugs Or Us®, we are able to kill your bed bugs using our state-of-the-art bed bug heat treatment (Thermal Remediation). Thermal remediation is the most effective and greenest way to eliminate bed bugs. Using our American made heating device, we raise the temperature of your infested area to a controlled 135 to 160-degrees.


Bed bugs aren’t able to live at these temperatures, which means we kill the adults, larvae, and eggs.


Our bed bug heat treatment is safe for all family members, including your children and pets.

Bed Bug DNA Testing

We are the only bed bug exterminator in Texas to offer exclusive bed bug DNA testing. Moving into an apartment? With a simple swab, we can know before you move in if there has ever been bed bugs or if the rental currently has bed bugs.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Prep

Are you having us come out to do bed bug heat treatment? Follow these helpful bed bug heat treatment prep steps.